Facts about Plumber Solihull that will Blow Your Mind

Being a UK resident, a plumber Solihull can share some unique plumbing facts the country is known for. One of these facts is the invention of the first flush-enabled toilet by John Harrington in 1596. It is a loo meant for his godmother, Queen Elizabeth I. History claimed that two toilets of this type were made, but the other recipient remained a secret.

Another London-based plumber, Thomas Crapper, developed several toilet innovations like the ballcock, which aids in flushing. Crapper also installed the first bathroom showroom in England.

Aside from UK-centered plumber facts, other world facts about plumbers and plumbing systems are good to know, even if they seem useless. Harrington may have invented the first flush-capable toilet, but Mario of Super Mario games remain to be the most famous plumber in the history, followed by his brother, Luigi.

Another good fact to learn is that an average household wastes up to 40,000 liters of water yearly when users let water run while waiting for it to heat up.

Using a low-flush toilet can conserve up to 18,000 gallons of water yearly.

Adding up daily bathroom use, reports said that a person with an average lifespan typically spends three years inside the bathroom or restroom, with a lot of people discovered dead in it.

The term “plumber” is derived from the word “plumbum,” a Latin word for lead, which was the primary plumbing system material in the past.

The Greeks are believed as the first people who developed the first shower systems with advanced features. Ancient athletes were believed to have taken showers in showers with lion-shaped heads at stadiums.